I hate watching myself. I’m in the business of movies so I have to, but it’s painful! I mean, yeesh. First of all, you want to do a good job and there are so many times you’ll think, ‘Okay, I know I did different versions of that take, why did they choose that one?’ or, ‘why was I so bad in that scene?’ and of course you’re going to be critical, but it’s your work and your face and you take pride in it and often want to do a better job.”

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ashtonirwin: when in Switzerland

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"He has Partially Deceased Syndrome and died of a heroin overdose in his first life," Emmett explains. "He’s never been able to relate to the living in either lives and he has a very dark past and carries a lot of that into his undead state. The Undead Liberation Army gives him purpose he’s never had before. But that’s soon to be challenged by the presence of Kieren who he’s infatuated with from the get go. So Simon is torn.” (Emmett Scanlan, Gay Times)

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The self-titled album, 5 seconds of summer, is the debut album from the Australian pop/punk band and was released the 27th June in Australia amongst other countries. It will be released in the rest of the world either June 30th, July 16th or July 22nd.

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I’m scared that I’m not myself in here, and I’m scared that I am.

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Amnesia lyric video

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Hello, I Love You

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